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We Are Your Manitoba Pool Repair Expert

For over 45 years, our team of pool professionals have been in the pool repair industry. We have the knowledge, tools, and skilled craftsmanship to take on any pool repair issues you have.

Have you experienced any of these pool problems?

  • Torn, faded, or warped pool liner.
  • Cracked coping, pool deck, skimmer, or steps.
  • Pool leakage through underground pipes, vinyl liner, or somewhere else.

Each and every one of these issues require a skilled and experienced hand, proper tools, and a well-developed solution.

We have every solution possibility ready to go when you need it most. Let us help you fix these issues, and get you back to enjoying your pool.

Do You Have a Leak? Let’s Discuss Your Water Levels

Even a hole the size of a pen point can cause you to lose hundreds, or thousands, of liters of water each day.

A pool will naturally lose some water due to evaporation, splash-out, or backwash wastewater, however, it will usually gain some water back during rainfall.

Our general rule is that if you’re adding more than an inch of water per week, or running your garden hose for an hour each week, you may have a leak. Sometimes, water levels can change due to faulty pool pipes, and one of our experts can detect if that is the main culprit of your leaky pool.

As leaks can cause extensive structural damage to your pool, they should be noted and repaired right away. Our team can repair most cuts or tears within a liner, whether they are above or below the water line.

We strive to ensure that the diagnosis of leaks is as easy as possible, using the latest in electronic leak detection equipment. This equipment allows us to preserve your yard when locating a small leak within your piping system.

Contact us today and we will do our best to diagnose and fix your pool liner problem.

What Can I Do to Determine if my Pool is Leaking?

A pool owner can run one of two simple tests to determine if their pool is leaking water, without the use of special equipment. These tests are:

The Bucket Test: This test is used to determine whether or not your pool is actually leaking, or if the water is simply evaporating.

The Pump Test: The pump test helps us narrow down the source of a leak.

We’re Underwater Vinyl Repair Experts

Our trained specialists are able to perform just about any repair underwater, allowing you to save money by preserving the water that is in your pool. UV Pools began solely with underwater vinyl repairs, and grew as a business from there.

Locating pool liner holes and damage can be a time-consuming process, and extremely frustrating without professional assistance. Our trained on-staff divers are able to help you with any pool liner repair needs.

Our divers are equipped with scuba gear and specialized underwater vinyl adhesive to allow us to easily repair your liner. When our divers are inspecting your pool liner, they ensure to thoroughly cover every square inch of it, along with the sealing surfaces like you gaskets, skimmer, jets, lights, and main drain.

Contact UV Pools today to schedule your pool repair.

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Quick test to see if your pool is actually leaking or it is just evaporation.

Salt Water Pool Corrosion

Showing the effects of salt water corrosion in a pool.

The Bucket Test

This is a simple test every homeowner can do too decipher if your pool is actually leaking water, all you need is a simple 5-gallon pail. This is called the bucket test.

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