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Part of transforming your yard from functional to oasis is considering what goes around your pool area.


Pool Walk In Stairs

A walk-in staircase for your in-ground pool doesn’t just update the appearance of your pool.


Pool Safety Cover

Kids and pets will be safe in your backyard when your pool is winterized and closed for the season.


Automatic Pool Covers

Safety is the top reason however keeping your pool clean and the heat in are also attractive benefits.



Part of transforming your yard from functional to oasis is considering what goes around your pool area.

Love Your Pool Again!

At UV Pools we believe the value of your pool can only be measured by the people who enjoy it. Outdated pools can get in the way of that fun. Pool renovation projects are challenging, whether you are looking to replace your pool liner or replace your pool deck. We want to get you back to enjoying your pool again and that is why we specialize in pool renovations. We want to make your pool feel and look like new again.

Give Your Pool a Fresh Look

Our team is the best choice for renovating your pool and improving your backyard experience. Your pool is the focus of your backyard and the impact it leaves on anyone else who enjoys it.

If your pool is not living up to its potential or is outdated and worn, we can bring it up to your high standards. We are a design-oriented team of pool experts that want to help you love your backyard space and everything within it.

The Renovation Services We Specialize In

If your swimming pool or surrounding area needs a facelift, we can give your pool a new look that you’ll love for years to come. We’re experts at pool remodelling, upgrades, pool deck repairs, modifying pool depth, and adding tasteful lighting or stairs. We like to start our pool renovations off with a conversation to help understand your needs and how we can help.

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