Staircase Repair

Does your pool staircase have cracks and blisters? The pool repair specialists at UV Pools are skilled in repairing damage to fiberglass pool staircases.


Coping Repair

Does your pool coping need repair? In some cases, repairs to coping are simple enough that you can actually do them yourself. In other situations, it’s best to bring in the professionals.


Pool Liner Repairs

We use Scuba gear and special underwater vinyl adhesive to repair your liner under water and mend the holes back together. We can repair just about anything under water so you save money by not having to pump out your pool.


Insurance Claims

We can work with all insurance companies regarding pool claims, and we have experience doing so. Insurance companies often call upon us to write assessment and inspection reports on swimming pool damage.

We Are Your Manitoba Pool Repair Expert

Our team has been in the business of pool repair for over 45 years and has the knowledge, tools, and skilled craftspeople to tackle any pool repair issue you might find. Have you found any of these issues with your pool?

  • Torn, faded, or warped pool liner
  • Cracked coping, pool deck, skimmer, or steps
  • Pool leaking through underground pipes, liner, or somewhere else

Each of these issues requires a skilled hand, proper tools, and a unique solution. We have every solution ready to go at a moment’s notice. We can help fix all of these issues and more to get you back to loving your pool.

Do You Have A Leak? Let’s Talk Water Levels

Having a very small hole in your pool liner can lose hundreds if not thousands of litres of water per day. This can be a hole as small as the size of a pen point.

Your pool will naturally lose some water due to evaporation, some splash-out and some backwash wastewater. You will probably also gain water from rainfall in your pool. A general rule of thumb is that if you’re routinely adding more than one inch of water (or, about an hour of running the garden hose) per week, you may have a leak.

It’s worth fixing the issue right away, since expensive structural damage might occur to your pool. Most tears and cuts in your liner can be repaired above and below water by our team. Sometimes water level changes can occur as a result of your pool pipes, so if you think your pool pipes may be leaking, we can verify and repair those, too.

We do our best to make diagnosing your pool’s issue as easy as possible.e use the latest in electronic leak detection equipment, so digging up your yard to find a small leak is not necessary.

Contact us today and we will do our best to diagnose and fix your pool liner problem.

What Can I Do To Determine If My Pool Is Leaking?

There are two simple tests that you can run without any special equipment. The first test is called the Bucket Test. This is used to determine if your pool is actually leaking, or the water is just evaporating.

The second test is called the Pump Test. We use this test to narrow down the source of the leak.

We’re Underwater Vinyl Repair Experts

We can repair just about anything under water, and you save money by not having to pump out your pool.

UV Pools began with underwater vinyl repairs, and we grew from there. Finding holes in pool liners can be time-consuming and frustrating without the help of a professional. We have maintained on-staff divers who can assist you with your pool liner repair.

We use scuba gear and special underwater vinyl adhesive to repair your liner, which means there is no need to empty your pool. When our divers inspect your pool liner, every square inch of it will be checked, as well as the sealing surfaces, including the gaskets around your staircase, skimmer, jets, light, and main drain. Contact us to schedule a repair.

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How to Check for Pool Leaks

Quick test to see if your pool is actually leaking or it is just evaporation.

Salt Water Pool Corrosion

Showing the effects of salt water corrosion in a pool.

The Bucket Test

This is a simple test every homeowner can do too decipher if your pool is actually leaking water, all you need is a simple 5-gallon pail. This is called the bucket test.

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