The Importance Of A Pool Safety Cover

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The Benefits That Come From A Pool Safety Cover

If you have a pool in your home and business, chances are during the hot, summer months it gets a lot of use. Nothing is more refreshing than a cool swim through a pool on a hot summer day, whether you are an adult or a child the pool is a lot of fun. However, maintaining and keeping your pool … Read More

Pool Repair and Equipment Maintenance

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Just like with any other type of machinery, the mechanical equipment that keeps a pool running tends to need some regular maintenance and minor repairs from time to time. If you happen to notice that your pool water isn’t heating up, or water isn’t circulating properly or isn’t clear, or if your pool lights stop working then it might be … Read More

Top Chlorine Generator Myths

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MYTH #1 – Salt Systems are maintenance free Set it and forget it! Salt systems are rather low-maintenance, but not maintenance-free. Especially when you compare it to a chlorine feeder, which has no moving parts, no sensors, no circuit boards and no electrified metal plates, or salt cell. Maintaining a salt system is not difficult, often just an occasional cleaning of … Read More

Facts about Swimming Pool Chemicals

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There are several categories of Swimming Pool chemicals, each performing one type of function or another. In order to effectively use Swimming Pool chemicals, you should understand the specific function of each type of chemical. There are six categories of chemicals used to maintain a Swimming Pool. They are: 1. Sanitizers: Common trade names: Chlorine, Bromine, Sodium hyprchlorite (liquid chlorine). … Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Pool Water Chemistry

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As a pool owner, there are five chemical levels that you should always keep track of. These levels include the following: 1. Cyanuric Acid( C.Y.A)- It protects the chlorine from direct sunlight and regulates the FC level.( indoors 0 to 20, SWG 70 to 80, outdoors 30 to 50) 2. Calcium Hardness (C.H.) – Extremely high levels can lead to … Read More

Tips to keep your pool water crisp and clear

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Through proper attention and care your pool water can be crisp, clear and healthy. When you apply useful tips and use the correct products, your neighbors and friends will always be envious of your sparkling clean pool water. Regular maintenance is the key to a clean pool and crisp clear water. Following a strict maintenance routine will prevent the accumulation … Read More

Preparing Your Pool for Summer Fun

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Although it is freezing outside right now, spring and summer time are right around the corner and when they finally set in, the last thing you want is to be stuck inside because you did not prepare your pool. If you have never prepped your pool for the summer, there are some things you need to do to make sure … Read More